The creation of project CavoBlue.com is the result of love for Greek blue, sun and sea as well as excursions to unique and special places. The information presented on the site, as well as the audiovisual material offered, is the result of the actual experience of visiting each island, place, attraction separately. We are therefore given the opportunity to highlight the beauty, rich culture and history of Greece as it has been an important tourist destination and attraction in Europe since ancient times.


In addition to the trips and unique experiences one can enjoy, the aim is to highlight the Greek tourism wealth in order to further enhance this sector, but with a different perspective. The site was created to share with you the experiences of visiting each place, as well as the beautiful images we take from each place individually.

Future plans

The plans for the subsequent development of the site are unique, while the audiovisual (mainly) material that will be gradually available is equally unique. For this reason, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates, mainly through social networks, as you will be able to enjoy unique material first while giving you ideas for your future getaways.