A masterpiece of Architecture

Symi is an island in the Dodecanese with a total area of ​​57,865 sq. Km. Its natural harbor is Gialos, around which the city is built amphitheatrically. Symi has 2,606 inhabitants, according to the 2001 census, of which 2,427 are concentrated in the upper part of the city, the so-called Village, which is built on the slope of Mount Vigla. There are also resorts such as Nimporio to the north, and Pedi to the east. Gialos is connected by road to Chorio, Pedi, Nimporio, Marathounta and Archangel Michael Monastery of Panormitis, located on the southwestern tip of the island. Symi is a major tourist destination in the world, due to its impressive architecture.

The entire island of Symi, as well as the surrounding islands were declared archaeological sites by the Central Archaeological Council, comprising 159 sites and monuments that records the history of the area from prehistoric times to modern times.



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