A multifaceted tourist attraction

Paros is the third largest island of the Cyclades and is located west of Naxos, separated by a narrow channel about 3 miles wide and 90 nautical miles from Piraeus. Paros, due to its geographical location, was the crossroads of the sea routes connecting mainland Greece with the archipelagos islands, the Asia Minor coast and the Mediterranean in general, contributing to the island's long-term development.

The island of Paros is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Greeks and not only. The coast of the island is mainly divided on its north side. Some of them form beautiful beaches and natural harbors, while others are steep and rocky. Also on the north side of the island is the great bay of Naoussa, one of the most picturesque ports of the Aegean. The other two large bays of the island are to the west (Parikia) and to the east (Marmara).

The capital of the island is Parikia, built around a large and secure bay, constituting the administrative and financial center.

Today, Parikia is a state with services that meet all the needs of the modern traveler. Here, there are branches of most banks, post office, health center, internet cafe, tourist offices and car rental offices. Dozens of hotels, rooms to let and camping give the visitor the choice of accommodation that suits him. At every step you will find restaurants serving delicious dishes, in the streets around the Castle ("Old Market"), and shops of all kinds are gathered on the seaside road.

The mapping of the island is still in progress. The sightseeings will be available soon.



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