Kantouni beach is located in the area of ​​Panormos, 5.5 km from Pothia of Kalymnos. It is considered the favorite beach of the locals and in the summer months it attracts many people. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters. It is renowned for its youthful audience as it is the best choice for young people, as beach bars are open almost 24 hours a day. Surrounded by restaurants, cafés and rooms to rent, turning the area into a remarkable tourist attraction. The view from the majestic mountain, on which the magnificent monastery of the Holy Cross rises, is typical.

Next to Kantouni is Linaria Beach, where a large rock separates the two coasts. According to tradition, only women were swam in Kantouni, while men were only swam in Linaria. Of course, this is not the case today.




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