Crater Stefanos

Stefanos Crater is one of the largest and well-preserved hydrothermal craters in the world. It is a attraction for tourists and is within a 4 km caldera in the center of the island.

The view of the valley and the crater stuns every visitor, gazing at an unparalleled beauty of unprecedented beauty. As someone approaches the crater, one senses the smell of the brimstone, even from the road.

If you walk to the center of the crater, you will feel that you are walking on a different ground than you are used to, giving you the feeling that the floor is hollow. This is easily understood by someone knocking on the bottom and is like knocking on a door.

It is definitely worth going down to the lowest point to get to know and feel the crater up close, as the experience is unprecedented. The ideal time to visit the crater is early or late in the year, avoiding the high summer temperatures.




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few clouds


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