Virgin Mary Brunette

The only settlement on the island is the Church of the Virgin Mary of Pserimos, the Virgin Mary "Brunette", as the locals call it, due to the dark color of the Russian style of the image. It has a strikingly high belfry, while the temple has the miraculous icon of the "Dormition of the Virgin Mary" and the icon of the "Entrances of the Virgin Mary" of the 17th century.

The site is unique to the island's setting and you will surely enjoy the tranquility and serenity that the place offers. Of course, at festivals held in the temple, there are many people, mainly from Kalymnos, Kos and Nisyros. At Thanksgiving, the bells sound solemn, as the procession of the bier of the Theotokos is completed, from the streets, alleys, and even the beach. Even the tourists who are vacationing on the island participate in the litany.




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