Tree of Hippocrates

The plane tree of Hippocrates is an eastern plane tree located in the city of Kos and specifically in front of the Knights' Castle and the Governor's Office and next to the Gazi Hassan mosque. According to the myth, under the plane tree, Hippocrates (considered to be the father of medicine) taught his disciples. Since 1985 the tree has been a preserved monument of nature.

The huge plane tree that exists today is 500 years old and is rumored to be a descendant of the ancient tree. The trunk's diameter is 10 meters. The trunk is hollow, as the tree is infected many times by insects and fungi, and the distal ring is up to 15 cm thick. Some of its branches are supported by metal scaffolds to prevent them from breaking because of their weight and air forces. Next to the tree are two Ottoman fountains, the water of which, according to their inscription, comes from the source of Hippocrates.

On June 24, 1821, the 98 Ottomans in Platanos were massacred by the Ottomans for the participation of ships in Kos in revolutionary actions in 1821 by shipbuilders.


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