Beach of Kremasti

The amazing colors of the sea, the clean environment and the many possibilities in extreme sports are the main advantages of Kremasti beach. The beach is pebbly with sand and stony in many places, and in some cases it is advisable to supply sea shoes. Nevertheless, the beach remains remarkable as it is safe, relatively quiet and suitable for families. Also, it is worth enjoying the sunset, which is beautiful with its incredible warm and bright colors.

Along the beach, there is a promenade where you can cycle or walk under the trees, enjoying the shade and the fresh air. At some points you will notice fishing activities, as the beach is often visited by locals, hobby lovers.

The beach is quite long and never fills and in some places it is organized with umbrellas, sun beds and showers. There are several canteens around where you can sit and enjoy your refreshing drink, beer or coffee, gazing out over the Aegean Sea and the planes passing over the sea, as the beach is close to the airport.




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few clouds


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