Kritinia Castle

The castle of Kritinia is located near the village of Kritinia in Rhodes and is 53 km from the city of Rhodes. It was built in 1472 by Giorgio Orsini to protect the inhabitants from attacks by the Turkish fleet. It is a blend of Byzantine and medieval style and inside there are the ruins of St. Paul's Catholic Church, as well as newer buildings, since the Castle was used during the Venetian occupation as a navy shipyard (Marinera).

The settlement of the castle was named "Kasteli" and was so named until the liberation of the Dodecanese.

Has rectangle shape and its north side faces the sea and the island of Halki. To the east of the fortress there are two towers with the coats of arms of the Grand Master d'Aubois (1503 - 1512) and Caretto (1513 - 1521).




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